I'm Seth Ely.  I live in Columbia, SC with my wonderful wife and somehow managed to land a sweet job doing live sound and church production for a living.  While you'll find plenty of engineers with more experience than me, I like to think that I've managed to see a decent variety of situations so far.  I've worked in rooms (kind of) large, and (very) small – on consoles worth a chunk of cash and some worth very little – through some world class PA and some systems that still have my ears crying to this day.  I am honored to have had multiple studio projects from my humble studio featured next to artists you may or may not have heard of on the front page of Relevant Magazine's "The Drop" (May it forever Rest in Peace ✌🏼).

I play drums too.  Check out my Credits page to see some of the awesome people had the privilege of working with.

Once upon a time, I was a graphic designer.  You can still see a small selection of my work over at Dribbble.

If you want to get in touch, you can reach me at the form below.  I'm definitely not retiring any time soon, so reach out if you think we might work well together.

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