Breathe: Credits

Release day for any music that I work on is a real whirlwind for me. It’s a combination of excitement, nerves, anxiety, and relief that you finally made it. It’s been a while since a song I mixed or produced was released - over two years, actually. (Well, I mixed this Christmas song that was released almost a year ago, but it’s not available on streaming services) So naturally, this is a big deal for me. When Ben came over to do some demos in April, we sat down to decide what to work on. The very first (and only) song he played that day was Breathe. Eight hours later, we had piano, acoustic, bass, electric guitars, and vocals. Most of what you hear was recorded that day. My hope for anyone listening to Breathe is that you’re drawn in the same way I was from the first moment I heard this song.


Written by Ben Wolverton

Produced by Ben Wolverton and Seth Ely

Tracked, Edited, and Mixed by Seth Ely at West Creek Studios in Columbia, SC

Mastered by Kyle Monroe at Tiny Tape Room in Nashville, TN

  • Ben Wolverton: Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Keys

  • Seth Ely: Percussion, Programming, and Additional Keys

  • Justin Tweito: Strings and Additional Programming

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Playlist - Without Winter

Without Winter is a collection of songs to reflect on life with.

As the year is closing, I always find it useful to look back on the past few months of my life. Reliving the hurt, joy, and mistakes is not usually fun, but it is always a helpful way to improve. I hope these songs help you revisit the complexities of life, or at the very least get you deep in the feels for 50 minutes. 

Without Winter is available on Spotify and Apple Music.