Playlist - Without Winter

Without Winter is a collection of songs to reflect on life with.

As the year is closing, I always find it useful to look back on the past few months of my life. Reliving the hurt, joy, and mistakes is not usually fun, but it is always a helpful way to improve. I hope these songs help you revisit the complexities of life, or at the very least get you deep in the feels for 50 minutes. 

Without Winter is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

An Introvert's Guide to Live Local Music

Playing and attending live music is part of the job of being a musician, but going to live shows as an introvert presents many social interactions that I normally try to avoid. Almost nothing will make me more uncomfortable than an impromptu conversation with a stranger in the checkout line at Publix. Its nothing personal, Bud Light & Mayonnaise Guy - I'm sure you're great – I would just rather buy my black beans and get back to making tacos. Being a hermit, while sometimes an attractive option, isn't one that I want to pursue. I've met some really great people at venues like New Brookland Tavern; I have family, friends, and relationships that I really care about; and shows present the opportunity to hang out with some people that I only get to see a couple of times a year. With so many people in the world, awkward social interactions are unavoidable, but if you know the lay of the land, you can get by with minimal damage.

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Drum Recording Rundown

As of the moment that I'm writing this, I am working on an EP with Tweito that is due for release in March 2016. We finished tracking drums a few weeks ago and wanted to share the gear we used to do it. There a many ways to do this - this may not be the system or gear for your particular situation - but we have found a system that works for us. Three years from now, this will probably look totally different, and that’s okay. Find the system that works for you and run with it. While we are far from experts, we want to show you where we’re at.

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